Sunday, January 2, 2011

Paralysis and No-shows

I have time to write in my blog today, although it was a little bit unexpected.  That's because I had a photoshoot planned which ultimately got scuttled by a model no-show - the veritable "flaking out" phenomenon.  Maybe she didn't really flake, but we had scheduled the shoot one week back, and I set aside time accordingly.  She had not returned a follow up email I sent earlier this week, but I knew she was travelling so didn't see that as cause for alarm.  However, when I called her yesterday evening to confirm, she did not answer the call and did not return it.  At that point I became paralyzed - were we on or not???

(By the way, these photos are just here for your enjoyment. This model has nothing to do with this topic.  :)).

What is someone in her position thinking?  Well, I should say that I'm willing to consider the possibility that she had an unfortunate occurance in her life, and due to the dire circumstances was unable to contact me to set things right by properly cancelling or postponing.  So I will allow for that possibility.

That said, I will go ahead and share my thoughts on this subject.  Maybe it will give some model, who might read this, pause before she could consider bailing on a modeling appointment without providing due notice.