Sunday, February 13, 2011

Falling in Love

I wonder if other photographers have had the feeling of "falling in love" with their models before.  I know it might sound a little bit silly, but as I was reflecting on my own feelings around the time of a photoshoot (before, during, and after) I think it's not such a far-fetched notion.  I can understand how these kind of feelings would emerge. 

How could that be?  On the surface the entire episode is grounded in nothing more than externals: appearances and even heavily produced and edited to elicit a desired effect.  Ah - but what is that desired effect?  I suppose it's different depending on the photographer, but for me one of the things I try to create is a hunger, a thirst, in the viewer that is left somehow unquenched.  So, if this is really the end product, perhaps it's not so surprising that I can fall under the intoxicating effects of my own "drug".  Maybe this is like the occupational hazards a bartender faces...