Saturday, October 9, 2010

Starting a Blog

I'm starting a blog today as part of my pursuit of photography through LazyEye.  I realize there are lots of things I want to tell others about, if they care to read.  Things like why I even do this thing called photography, background of some of the subjects I've covered, and stories about how I got the images taken.

I feel so fortunate to have happened across this form of art - photography.  It has changed many things about how I walk upon the surface of this planet, for it causes me to stop and look at things I might otherwise have passed by unnoticed.  I truly believe there is so much beauty surrounding us, no matter where we are.  It might be a gorgeous landscape, a beautiful woman, or even an ugly side of life - but in every case capturing what we see with the right photo can transform the thoughts of ourselves and others.  It causes the viewer to stop and consider what is behind that image.

I guess this is what makes photography "art".  If done with some measure of success, it will cause our viewer to stop and think.  Maybe just for a moment, but that might be all it takes to alter how another percieves the world around them.  That's what I try to keep in mind when I create a new photographic project (well, sometimes I just shoot something for fun).  Maybe that's the criteria, at least in my own mind, in deciding whether something is art or it is something else.

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